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The RBFS Program is HORMONE FRIENDLY & designed to minimize many of the obstacles & distractions that women encounter in their fitness endeavors. The schedule & structure of the program are the roadmap & navigation tools you need to keep you focused on your path to mastery. You will continuously discover what you are capable of and how to create change in your body & mind with the two parts to our program, SIGNATURE SESSIONS & SCULPT SESSIONS.

Both programs are excellent on their own but doing them together consistently is the secret sauce. The schedule is designed to get you alternating these two sessions as often as possible.

Signature & Sculpt will develop your coordination & focus, improving your brain’s processing speed & memory.

The Program changes quarterly with freshly curated playlists and a new routine to keep your results growing while refreshing the challenge and preventing boredom.

Signature Sessions

Signature Sessions will increase your stamina & improve your heart health with HORMONE FRIENDLY cardio dance. The follow-along choreography is easy to learn in order to keep you moving, eliminate frustration and help you gain confidence & results faster.

While challenging, this is not the type of cardio that sends your body into fight or flight. Your heart rate will come up steadily and come back down steadily. You will feel euphoric instead of anxious as you ride that feeling into the sculpt portion of the workout. Using creative movements & light weights you will sculpt and strengthen from head to toe. Signature finishes with relaxation on the mat, dreamy music and aromatherapy to care for your nervous system in a moment of stillness before you go back out into the world.

Sculpt Sessions

Sculpt sessions are focused on building strength, balance & a strong mind-to-muscle connection. Not only will you discover how you can change your body with very specific movements, when done properly you will tune into your body in a way that builds your immune system, nurtures brain health, increases your inner “knowing” and helps you to become a better advocate for your health and wellness.

Sculpt works from the inside out to keep you strong, balanced and injury free in your day-to-day activities. You will discover how your muscles work together to create a stronger, more stable & confident YOU.

Sculpt includes light weights, a 9” exercise ball & a resistance band. All equipment is provided and optional.

*Weights are optional. There is a strong emphasis in class on MIND TO MUSCLE CONNECTION. This is first achieved by learning to create your own resistance & getting familiar with how each movement is supposed to feel when your muscles are activated without the distraction of pushing & pulling on a weight.

Sculpt finishes with relaxation and aromatherapy to create a full sensory experience that cares for your nervous system and hormones.

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Celebrating ALL THE WINS at RBFS! 

I’m so glad I met this wonderful soul while getting a pedicure, bonded over The White Lotus & invited her to work out. 

Our beautiful @mikedakisdonata brings her all to class every day, works full time & always has energy to make everyone feel beautiful and seen. 

Yesterday, after many years in the USA, our Italian Goddess became a U.S. Citizen.  She now possesses dual citizenship! 🇺🇸♥️🇮🇹

Thank you for showing us all what hard work & devotion looks like.  You are so very loved.  We are all so proud of you! 

And thank you for the focaccia & the Mille Feuille & for embodying all the beautiful things in Rose Bomb & in life. 

Sorry I made you sweat so much today (not really) 💋😄
No, don’t have to hang out in the weight room.  No, you don’t have to look like a body builder.  Yes, you do need to focus more on building and maintaining muscle for the best future quality of life. 


Safeguard yourself from many of the health issues women face as they age.  You can be far ahead of the game, growing stronger instead of weaker, increasing vitality, optimizing metabolism and hormone balance…minimizing unpleasant symptoms….just by prioritizing strength training. 


See the link in bio to book your intro sessions and get started in the RBFS program! 

Need more details?  Book a phone call with me!  I will answer your questions, address your concerns and help you get off to a great start! 

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Let’s get you started at RBFS! These are the basics! Always, always reach out if you have more specific questions or concerns!  We will help you have your best fitness experience every step of the way! 

The link to your intro sessions is in the bio. 

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Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. The best thing you can do for yourself AND others is to take care of YOU! ✨ You gotta nourish to flourish! 🌹
Now is the perfect time to get started at RBFS! 

Nurture & strengthen your heart, mind & muscle in a structured program that will keep you on track for your success! 

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Growth > Perfection. Just focus on showing up for yourself, and progress will follow! ✨

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Find your strength, discover your power, and dance to your own beat with Rose Bomb Fitness!

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Here at Rose Bomb Fitness, we don’t just sculpt bodies; we sculpt minds, spirits, and confidence.

Ready for your own transformation? ✨





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